Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Dimensions

I've had the pleasure of becoming a member of HandEye Magazine, edited by Keith Recker.
 Rachel Biel of TAFA list sent out a blurb on it... so I click on and am blown away by the articles that cover so many different ideas, history, techniques--permuations of thought that stretch your imagination.  Thank you Keith for bringing this to us! 

All textile addicts, please go to HandEye now!  You will not be disappointed.  It's a new way of life, a new beginning for yourself and our planet.   If you enjoy Selvedge, you will love HandEye.

An example of how valuable the articles are--Michele Wipplinger of Earthues shares her secrets of dyeing with indigo.   I studied with Michele for 10 years.... this is a fantastic article, brought to you by HandEye.

Energy and excitement from discovering talented, caring humans... just got to keep myself plowed with energy drinks so that I can keep focusing on actually DOING something versus thinking about new ways to do things.

Couldn't resist sharing some of the NUNO fabrics that I have collected over the years...see the lead story of Handeye.  There is an exhibit of their fabrics at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC.


Rayela Art said...

This really is an exciting time in the fiber/textile world, isn't it? The beauty of what is being made can be so overwhelming to me. And, there is so much now that really explores our connection to the earth and to each other. Really inspiring!

improv cloth said...

Dear Jane,
Thanks for sharing the info about Hand Eye Magazine..How does one become a member? The mission statement sounded very appealing. I couldn't find where to become a member. Is there a fee?
And it does seem like an exciting time for the fiber/textile world; especially with the TAFA site.
Thanks again! Laura