Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Dimensions

I've had the pleasure of becoming a member of HandEye Magazine, edited by Keith Recker.
 Rachel Biel of TAFA list sent out a blurb on it... so I click on and am blown away by the articles that cover so many different ideas, history, techniques--permuations of thought that stretch your imagination.  Thank you Keith for bringing this to us! 

All textile addicts, please go to HandEye now!  You will not be disappointed.  It's a new way of life, a new beginning for yourself and our planet.   If you enjoy Selvedge, you will love HandEye.

An example of how valuable the articles are--Michele Wipplinger of Earthues shares her secrets of dyeing with indigo.   I studied with Michele for 10 years.... this is a fantastic article, brought to you by HandEye.

Energy and excitement from discovering talented, caring humans... just got to keep myself plowed with energy drinks so that I can keep focusing on actually DOING something versus thinking about new ways to do things.

Couldn't resist sharing some of the NUNO fabrics that I have collected over the years...see the lead story of Handeye.  There is an exhibit of their fabrics at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC.