Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back from Indigo, Direction and Premiere Vision

The best part of the trends and textile show was Peclers Paris, a trend forecasting company with cutting edge ideas.  I sat down at their booth and paged through the new 2011-12 Inspiration Book and was blown away.

The palette is gorgeous.  Subtle, rich, elegant.  I wanted to swim in the colors.   The artwork, photography and text excited my mind-- new ideas swimming, building on the old, taking the twists farther and farther out into the universe. Everything is melding, think circular, think complexity of hue and shades gradually transforming themselves into a form whose origin is indiscernable.

This is one book I may have to spring a fortune--having been a client of Peclers Paris when I was a fashion designer, their books are timeless.. Archives of cutting edge ideas.  You will finally see the ideas from 3-5 years ago appearing on the US streets and stores.

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