Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for Inspiration

After this week of politics and wild markets, it's time to break out inspiration from Peclers Paris, my absolute favorite  forecasting and styling agency.  This is the cutting edge zone of new ideas and thinking.  What you see on the pages of their publications is beyond anything in  your wildest imagination, the artwork, the thought process, the lifestyle forecasts and changes, the color palettes.

I was a client of Pecler's Paris during the years of my fashion design and selling in NYC, and to go back and review the books, the ideas not only seem classic now (at that time they in another galaxy) but they still project a sense of cutting edge transmutation of history combined with current electron energy.

What does that mean??
Well, imagine your favorite all time classic piece of clothing... like maybe a riding jacket.  The basis of the riding jacket is in the jacket design, but the lines, silhouette embody an energy of the present and future.. it does not get staid, so that if you are wearing it today, you will wear it in 2 more years, 5 years, 10 years and you will be cool.

I don't know how they do it, but maybe it is just because each idea is so unique and cool, it never becomes trendy. 

There are very few people who can pull this off, but my favorite scarf designer who resides in London does it.  Pookie Blezard,  with her  genius in graphic layout, print design, sense of history, and combination of eclectic, precious materials continually pushes the envelope.  I have been a collector of her work for over 10 years and to revisit her collection and process is always an inspiration.

Her label is Pazuki, London.

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